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  • Personalization/Queries: Contact us on WhatsApp for more information.
  • Sizes available: Petite, Masstige, Lush, Posh.
  • Petite: 3000 INR (L 13" H 15").
  • Masstige: 4500 INR (L 17" H 17").
  • Lush: 6000 INR (L 19" H 18").
  • Posh: 9000 INR (L 24" H 19").
  • This image represents the Posh size.
  • Flower recipe includes : Hydrangea, Lilly, Carnation, Rose,Tulip, Cymbidium, Daisy, Chrysanthemum, Berries, Gypsophilla, Amaranthus and Foliage
  • Floral art inspired by music: Listen here.


The Floral Symphony

  •  Our skilled florists specialize in modern European floristry, creating unique arrangements that are works of living art.
  • We never replicate bouquets or floral arrangements, ensuring that each one is individually crafted and truly one-of-a-kind.
  • Our freedom and creativity in design allow us to constantly improve and surprise our valued customers, while preserving the overall design direction.
  • Seasonality, market conditions, and availability may lead to substitutions in the flora used, but we always strive to match the styling of the image as closely as possible.
  • Substitutions, when necessary, are made only with items of equal or higher value, maintaining the quality and aesthetic of the arrangement.
  • We offer a 48-hour guarantee for our flowers, and if they wilt within this timeframe despite proper care, please send us a photo for a replacement.
  • To ensure customer satisfaction, we provide a 360-degree video of the final arrangement before dispatching the order, allowing you to review and appreciate the beauty of your personalized creation.
  • Our florists' expertise and attention to detail ensure that each arrangement is a true masterpiece, leaving a lasting impression.
  • Our commitment to artistic expression and uniqueness sets us apart, making our floral creations truly exceptional.
  • Trust us to deliver stunning floral arrangements that capture the essence of modern European floristry and bring joy to any occasion.

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