Size : L 10" (Inside L10" * H 9") * H12".

Colour : White White, White Gold, Pink Pink, Pink Gold, Lavender Lavender, Lavender Gold, Maroon Maroon, Maroon Gold, Chocolate Chocolate, Chocolate Gold.


A captivating arrangement with beautiful flowers put on a central pedestal and encased in a transparent sheet to provide protection and add style. Just right to make a proffesion of love or add to the celebration of a special day.Secret Garden Flora is your one stop shop for all your floral needs. Our exquisite and elegant designs, attention to detail and craftsmanship ensure that your loved ones are given the very best floral arrangements to make their day very special. Our florists are skilled in the art of modern European floristry. Each arrangement is a piece of living art and since we only follow the theme and dont repeat the same arrangement twice your gift to your loved one truly is one of a kind and unique.

Through the looking glass

    • Our florist are skilled in the art of modern European floristry. Each arrangment is made as living art and not based on replication, hence we do not repeat bouquets or floral arrangements so each of them is individually made unique.
    • In addition, we reserve the freedom and creativity to design, and love having the opportunity to improve and surprise our Customer. Though the overall design direction will always be preserved. Flora to be used may be substituted due to seasonality, market conditions and availability.
    • We always ensure to match the styling of the image, as close as possible; and will only substitute with items of equal or higher value.
    • In addition, we always send a 360 degree video of the final arrangment to our customers.