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Terms and Conditions
Flowers are a natural product and we don't really control nature. If some flower is not available fresh, we will replace it with the next best flower available fresh. These decisions are taken by our expert florists who shall make sure that the your arrangement looks good nevertheless, and you do get value for money.
In the case when we are not able to complete delivery on the particular date, due to unforeseen issues, e.g. weather conditions, natural disaster, strike, act of terrorism, etc. We will re-attempt the delivery as early as possible.
 In case when an iincorrect address has been given to us and we are unable to contact recipient to confirm the address, sender shall be charged for the same irrespective if delivery is completed or not, due to the perishable nature of flowers.
 In cases where a delivery is delayed due to unavailability of the customer or some other circumstances, we will ensure delivery of the flowers or arrangements to the intended recipient to the best of our ability, and will not offer a refund. The subsequent delivery shall also be charged.
We will always deliver the flowers or arrangements on the requested day & time.
Customers may be called to confirm the address, if required, to ensure a timely delivery. 
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